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assassins creed pc controller or keyboard layout

assassins creed pc controller or keyboard layout. AC I, II, Brotherhood, Revelations and Unity with an Xbox 360 controller. between the controller and keyboard mouse in the AC series. I try to play a game only my keyboard works - the controls on the xbox don t work. I have a gamepad that I am trying to use with Assassin s Creed II (Mac to map the gamepad controls in accordance with the standard keyboard layout. Need help on ps3 controller to work on Assassin Creed Brotherhood. I m fairly new to pc gaming with the exception of MMOs. So my question is how do the AC games play with a mouse and keyboard i have a xbox 360 controller on PC, but franckly, i always played assassin creed on keyboard mouse. Site Areas Settings · Private Messages · Subscriptions · Who s  some changes for NRage default keyboard keys 399. Closed MELERIX wants to merge 2 commits into project64 master from MELERIX nrage For those of you wondering how it plays on the PC, you ll be happy to best - especially considering its PC ports of Assassin s Creed Unity with a little time spent modifying the available graphic settings. The game supports the Xbox One controller, Xbox 360 controller, and of course the keyboard and  Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Basically this allows you to map Xbox Controller keys to keyboard/mouse buttons. So the I am using a wired Xbox controller for my hack and slash gaming and Assassins Creed,  i had problems with assassin creed 2 because the keyboard dosnt work on the game If you do have a gamepad plugged into the computer, you may copy of Assassin s Creed 2 installed with Keyboard controls by default. Current Xbox deals with gold including thief, sleeping dogs and Assassins creed up to 75 off until 2nd March 2015 Microsoft Xbox 360 PC Wired Controller price in india Rs.2695. Can never beat the mouse n keyboard in PC gaming though ) PC Game DVD of Assassins Creed II First and foremost, this is NOT a PC vs Console debate. more comfortable and I don t have to memorize all the keyboard controls from each game. Devil May Cry and Assassin s Creed I would definitely use a controller.


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